Protection test of storage 十大电子游艺网址

  Why should the storage 十大电子游艺网址 be equipped with a fire protection system?Here we are going to talk about the energy storage fires produced in these years, most of these fires are caused by thermal runaway and other reasons, and thermal runaway is one of the culprits of energy storage fires。There are many reasons for thermal runaway, such as circulation overcharge, internal short circuit, kneading, puncturing。

  Energy storage 十大电子游艺网址s are loaded with renewable electricity, which will be shipped to the local demand, to play their own great value。The energy storage 十大电子游艺网址 fire protection system will warn in advance of the occurrence of thermal runaway and reduce the loss to a low level。

  The energy storage 十大电子游艺网址 fire protection system solution takes "early detection and early disposal" as the principle, and carries out advanced detection and early warning for the primary class of lithium battery thermal runaway in the energy storage cabin。Extinguish the fire at the germination stage。

  In recent years, the rapid development of new energy, followed by the demand for energy storage 十大电子游艺网址s has also risen sharply, but as a long-term field supplies, its waterproof performance requirements are also necessary to qualify, so what is the waterproof specification?Simply put, it is the IPX5 and IPX6 protection levels in the GB4208-2017 shell protection level (IP code), that is, to imitate the environment such as heavy rain and violent water spraying in the field。The specific requirements are generally as follows:

  1. Use IPX5 nozzle inner diameter 6.3mm (material: 304 stainless steel);

  2. Water flow: (12.5±0.625) L/min;

  3, water pressure: adjust the water flow according to the regulations (30-150kpa);

  4, the main flow center part: from the nozzle 2.At 5m, a circle of about 40mm in diameter;

  5, each square meter shell surface spraying time is about 1 minute, shell test time is at least 3 minutes;

  6. The spacing between the nozzle and the outer shell 2.5~3m, the spray point of view is 15°-20°, and the spraying range of each nozzle is about 0.3 meters, continuous swing spray, point A - point B swing time of about 3 seconds, continuous spray for 3 minutes, subjected to 60 times of direct spray;

  7, spray 5 surfaces (4 side surfaces +1 top surface), each surface spraying time, water view point, water yield, water pressure can be controlled separately。


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