What role do military 十大电子游艺网址s play in carbon fiber composites

  With the increasing requirements of external packaging of military products in the process of transportation, traditional wooden boxes, metal boxes, injection boxes have many factors such as high quality, inconvenient loading and unloading, poor performance, and can no longer meet the existing requirements。Due to the various advantages of carbon fiber composites, military 十大电子游艺网址s are also beginning to expand in military cases。

  First, lightweight

  Carbon fiber has a density range of 1.5~2.0 g/cm 3, much smaller than most metal materials, even lightweight aluminum is twice as much as carbon fiber。Most of the resin matrix of carbon fiber is used, and most of the density of the resin is lower than that of the carbon fiber filament, so the weight of the carbon fiber composite material has an advantage over the metal material。Compared to our common steel material, carbon fiber composite is more than four times lighter。

  The application of carbon fiber composite materials in the manufacturing of military 十大电子游艺网址s can greatly reduce their overall quality, and play a very positive role in long-distance, difficult to load and unload military transportation。But light weight is only one of the characteristics of carbon fiber composite materials, and plastic materials can achieve similar weight advantages。Another major feature of carbon fiber composites is their high strength and stiffness, and they are often used as upgraded substitutes for metal materials in application fields。

  Second, high strength and high rigidity

  The tensile strength of carbon fiber composite materials is generally above 3500Mpa, which is 7 to 9 times that of steel, and the tensile elastic modulus is 23000 to 43000Mpa, which is also higher than that of steel。Therefore, the specific strength of CFRP, that is, the ratio of the strength of the material to its density, can reach more than 2000Mpa/(g/cm3), while the specific strength of A3 steel is only about 59Mpa/(g/cm3), and its specific modulus is also higher than that of steel。

  Three, good corrosion resistance

  Carbon fiber is a kind of non-metallic material with low electrochemical activity, and its excellent properties such as elastic modulus and strength in some acid, base and salt are basically unchanged。Therefore, carbon fiber, as a reinforcement material, has sufficient guarantees on corrosion resistance。There are many kinds of corrosion resistance of carbon fiber military 十大电子游艺网址s。For example, in the natural environment, light and radiation resistance is called weather resistance, and some high humidity environments, such as rain, can be called water resistance, of course, and corrosion resistance to chemical media。

  Four, electromagnetic shielding performance is good

  The volume resistivity of carbon fiber is generally (0.8—1.8) between 10-3ω·cm, the conductivity increases with the increase of heat treatment temperature。Therefore, carbon fiber after high temperature graphitization, can become an excellent reflective material of electromagnetic waves。

  The surface modification of carbon fiber can improve the electromagnetic shielding performance of carbon fiber。The methods mainly include surface activation, surface deposition, surface metallization and profile distortion。By activating the continuous carbon fiber surface, the multiple reflections of the carbon fiber resin matrix composite can be increased, and the shielding efficiency of the carbon fiber composite can be improved。

  五.Good impact resistance, long service life

  The samples of the same size carbon fiber, aluminum alloy, nylon PA11 and PP plastic transport box were placed in the standard atmospheric pressure environment, and the impact test was carried out with the pulse width of 11 ms and the acceleration of 150 m/SEC 2. The drop test was carried out three times on each of the three axes, and the drop test was carried out at the same height。After the impact vibration test and drop test, the carbon fiber and PP plastic box are well preserved, and the original strength is maintained in the conventional performance test, while the aluminum alloy box is significantly deformed, the nylon PA11 box is cracked, and the strength is only about 50% of that before the test。

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